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Outdoor School Furniture

Fenton Timber have long been supplying schools across the UK with their outdoor furniture requirements. Educational institutions choose Fenton Timber because our benches are superior in quality because we source only the most durable wood resulting in a heavy duty bench that is perfect for the requirements of a school playground environment. On top of that, Fenton Timber builds all their benches with screws and bolts (no nails) so you can feel confident that we will supply you with the safest benches available. The type of wood we choose for our outdoor school furniture is weatherproof so they can be used in the playground all year round without having to worry about moving

If you’re looking for outdoor school benches for young children, have a look at our children’s benches page. We provide 3 different types of benches that are suitable for a playground or school field.

Supreme Bench

For a bit more space to eat pack lunch and school dinners, you might prefer the Supreme Picnic Bench that has 7 timbers to the table’s top and 3 to each seat.

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Economy Bench

The Economy bench is a popular, cost effective option that is built with 5 timbers to the table top and 2 to each seat.

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Octagonal Bench

Lastly, we have the Octagonal bench that is our most heavy-duty bench weighing in over 13 stone and is likely to last many years on a school playground.

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Environmentally friendly

We know that many schools are conscious of the environment and strive to do their part to minimise their impact on the environment. At Fenton Timber, we have the same concerns and so when the company started, our ethos was to develop high quality benches that didn’t contribute in damaging the environment. Because of this, we produce all our benches in the UK and they’re all produced using wood sourced from sustainable areas.


If you’ve got any questions about our school furniture or you simply want to talk to somebody about the benefits of each of our bench types, get in touch with us on 01487 849901.

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