Indoor Picnic Tables and Benches2019-05-02T11:00:02+01:00

Indoor Picnic Tables and Benches

All of our benches and picnic tables are perfectly suitable for using them indoors during those wet and cold months during the autumn/winter… or can be used permanently indoors for your business or attraction as a feature.  See our Instagram page for ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will indoor use damage my floor?2019-01-30T10:47:37+01:00

If you take the appropriate precautions, you can easily use one of our wooden picnic tables indoors without damaging floor types such as wooden flooring. There are numerous ways you can go about doing this. The most crucial thing to note is never drag the bench or table, always lift it when moving to avoid scratching the floor. A DIY solution would be to lay a small section of carpet under each leg of the bench or table to avoid scratches. To add more style to your room, you could consider using a rug or carpet underneath the bench, although this might not be suitable if the bench or table is being used in the kitchen or around food. Another option is to use a dedicated furniture pads that can be purchased from Amazon.

What Types of Benches Do You Do?2019-01-30T10:59:07+01:00

All of our benches are suitable for indoor use so it’s down to whatever your style requirements are on which bench is the right one for you. For the most stylish indoor bench we recommend our Octagonal Table or Economy Picnic Bench but if you’re serving food or using it as a kitchen table, the Supreme Bench would be better because it has less gaps between the wooden slabs.

If your children have an indoor nursery or playroom, consider our Children’s Range.

What is the best bench for me?2019-01-30T10:49:31+01:00

If you’re not sure what about kind of bench or table best suites your indoor requirements, give us a call on 01487 849901 and we’ll happily help you with any enquiry you might have.

How do I place an order?2019-01-30T10:51:30+01:00

Looking to order? If you want to order our benches or tables, click here. Please bear in mind that our benches will arrive fully assembled so you’ll need to figure out a way of getting it into the property.

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