DEC 3, 2013

Tasty treats to eat at Christmas markets

Have you had chance to visit the Christmas markets yet? They’re great places to get into the festive spirit, you can do a little last minute shopping, grab some food and a hot drink and take the weight off your feet sat on a bench similar to the products we sell at Fenton timber. If you do visit the Christmas markets this year and fancy a little treat, can we suggest you tuck into the items on our list below?

  • Bratwurst: You can normally smell a traditional sausage stall before you see one. It’s the aroma of the fried onions that hits you but when you see the monster sausages sizzling away on a hot grill the temptation is too hard to resist. Get it served on a roll with mustard and ketchup, just make sure you grab a napkin because you’ll need one!
  • Pulled meat roll: A pulled pork hog roast is a sight for sore eyes at Christmas markets too. Hogs are cooked fresh in front of customers’ eyes, they’re slow-roasted for hours and this makes the meat nice and juicy. Best served on a floury bap with a good dollop of apple sauce and cheeky side of crackling.  
  • Garlic potatoes: Christmas markets sell food from all around the globe and this offering from France proves to be a massive hit with customers. The potatoes are delicious, they come in their own little tray and you can accompany them with garlic mushrooms or Provencale chicken sold at French-themed stalls.   
  • Crepes: Whilst you are at a French stall you simply have to try one of their crepes. Basically they are massive pancakes and you can cover them in a host of savoury and sweet toppings, we think they’re delicious at Fenton.
  • Strudel: Finally, if you have any room left (which we doubt but good on you if you do!) tuck into traditional apple strudel with custard. It’s beautifully Bavarian and tastes utterly divine, just talking about it makes the team at Fenton Timber want to dig into a bowl full of the stuff!
Created on 3rd December 2013
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