NOV 7, 2013

Simple but tasty meals to enjoy outdoors

At Fenton Timber we make furniture that’s perfect for outdoor living and the best way to enjoy our picnic tables is with family and friends. So we decided to look at simple but fun menus you can serve outdoors that won’t have you slaving over a hot stove for ages.

  • Traditional ploughman’s: A pub favourite for years and still just as enjoyable today. Slices of cheese, a mixture of pickles, a generous wedge of pate and some rustic bread can be served in a matter of minutes. Add a little salad and some slices of apple if you like and wash it down with your favourite tipple.
  • Cream tea: Got to be one of the best ways to enjoy a slice of summer. Pick scones packed with fruit, homemade strawberry jam and use clotted cream for the perfect accompaniment. Great with a pot of tea but equally as enjoyable with a glass of fizz too.
  • Slow cooked lamb: Pop a leg of leg inside a slow cooker with a small amount of lamb stock, some garlic and a sprig of rosemary and let it slowly cook all day. The lamb will literally fall off the bone, serve with couscous and a small side salad.
  • Penne Arrabiata: A great tasting pasta dish using chopped up fresh chillis, chicken and a little chorizo. Gently fry sliced up onions with a little garlic, add the fresh chilli and a can of chopped tomatoes and leave to simmer for 20 minutes or so. You can put a pan of penne on the boil before you make the sauce and when it’s cooked simply drain it off, add cooked chicken pieces and some chorizo slices out of the fridge and pour the sauce over the top. Bella!!  
  • Barbecue burgers: Why cook indoors when you can make use of the fine weather and chat with mates whilst the burgers are on the BBQ? Sizzle sausages if you prefer or load up skewers with meat and slices of peppers and they’ll cook in a matter of minutes over the hot charcoals.
Created on 7th November 2013
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