NOV 1, 2013

Save money with a beer garden wedding reception

If you are planning the biggest day of your life the local pub might be the last place you would think of to host your wedding reception. Read our blog on beer garden wedding receptions though and you might just change your mind and save a bit of money as well. This article covers the positives of a knees-up at your local.

  • It’s better for your budget: If you have a friendly landlord you can hire their pub and their beer garden on an exclusive-use basis they’ll be glad of the trade. The chances are the catering will be cheaper, people can pay for their own drinks and you won’t have to pay for room hire either. Either use the on-site restaurant or erect a marquee in the beer garden to create the perfect place to dine.
  • You can dress it how you like: Put bunting up in the pub and dress the beer garden with wedding decorations that make the day memorable. Place tea lights or hurricane lights on the picnic tables and drape pretty little parasol lights under the table umbrellas. Turn the beer garden into a wedding wonderland that’s tailored exactly to your needs.
  • Beer gardens are great for live entertainment: Erect a small stage in the beer garden and book a live band to play throughout the evening. Pubs normally have entertainment playing at the weekend anyway and the landlord might know a good band that’d love to play a mixture of music at your wedding.
  • It’s fun for all the local community!  If you live in a community where most of your neighbours are actually your friends a wedding reception in the local pub is the perfect place to celebrate your nuptials.  All the locals can descend on the pub in the evening and enjoy good music, great food and a few tipples as they toast your future happiness together.
Created on 1st November 2013
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