NOV 1, 2013

How to pack your pub with punters

Invest in a few our picnic benches for your beer garden and hopefully they’ll be full of happy patrons drinking beers, wine and spirits. If trade is a little slow though, try some of the following tips and you might just see a boost in profit.

  • Host a quiz night: A weekly quiz night is a great way to attract old and new customers to your premises. Get punters to pick their own teams, give away a small prize for the winner and that should boost the amount of trade that walks through the door.
  • Start doing drinks promotions: Deals on drinks are a handy way to entice people to your business. Set up a happy hour where the price of drinks are lowered at tea time for example and people might be tempted to order meals at the same time.
  • Run food promotions: Weekly deals on meals are another handy way to drum up custom for a business. Advertise ‘kids eat free’ with every paying adult meal or introduce teatime specials on the menu that are lower in cost but still return a tidy profit. Food promotions help to boost profit from the menu and they’ll also increase the amount of wet trade you do as well.
  • Offer a tasty menu: If the quality of your food is good people will want to return to your pub on a regular basis. Get a name in the area for fabulous Sunday roasts, create a curry night or a steak night and make your menu as mouth-watering as possible.
  • Create the right ambience: If your décor is drab have a mini-makeover and create a setting where punters want to wine and dine. Transform the beer garden with furniture from Fenton Timber and introduce a play section for children to turn the business into a fun, family-friendly pub that patrons will want to visit as often as they can.
Created on 1st November 2013
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