OCT 30, 2013

How to accessorise a picnic table

Buy a picnic table from Fenton Timber and it’s a beautiful handmade feature that looks gorgeous in a range of outdoor settings. It looks great just as it or you could add one of the following features to really bring the table to life.

  • A parasol: No self-respecting picnic table should be without a parasol to protect you from the sun or keep you sheltered from summer showers. Pick something bright and cheerful to bring your beer garden to life or see if you can get your hands on something sponsored from a leading brand name drink supplier.  
  • A base: Plastic or metal. Use a parasol with your picnic table and you’ll need to invest in something to keep it upright. Okay you could dig a small hole in the ground to help support the umbrella but a natty little base would look more appealing. Pick a plastic option that you fill with water to keep it stable or choose an ornate metal stand that’ll look great for years to come.
  • Parasol lights: Drape parasol lights around the inner spines of the umbrella and they create a stunning night-time feature. As well as looking pretty they illuminate the table below and turn summer evenings into all night affairs!
  • Tea lights: Place a few tea lights on the top of the picnic table and they look gorgeous as they flicker in the gentle breeze. Tea light holders are cheap to buy, so are the tea lights that go inside them so it’s an inexpensive treat that looks great at all times of the year.
  • A cover! Picnic tables often lie idle over the winter months. So keep yours under cover during the wet and wintry conditions and protect it with a plastic cover. Use a piece of tarp that’s staked to the ground or buy a purpose made cover that fits the table perfectly.
Created on 30th October 2013
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